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About Us

Clearly Better Solutions is the latest branding venture of St. Louis native Jim Epstein and the innovative team at Intercon Chemical Company, St. Louis, MO. Intercon, founded by Epstein in 1982, employs over 150 chemists, engineers, production workers, office, and customer service team members at its 300,000 square foot facility.

Consumers not familiar with Intercon will be familiar with the Intercon created chemical lines of leading cleaning product brand successes – including Method Home Care in retail and Swisher Hygiene in the industrial/institutional/commercial market.

Our Clearly Better Brand products and programs are designed to bring breakthrough technologies to market in cleaning, disinfection, sanitization, skin care, air treatment and odor control.

Our mission is “to deliver innovative, customer friendly and environmentally responsible solutions that solve problems not adequately addressed by current options.” Clearly Better Solutions offers programs under its SMART DRAIN®, SMART FLOORS™, SMART AIR, PURE 24 Hour Disinfectant, Clearly Better Scents and Clearly Better Medical brands.

Clearly Better Solutions…delivering products and innovative solutions that are not just better… they’re CLEARLY BETTER!

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PURE Innovation in Non-Toxic Sanitation and Disinfection for the Home. Safe around kids and pets, too!

The best protection against the spread of infectious diseases is disinfectant treatment, but most of these products can cause induce harsh environmental or contamination risks. Ideally, a disinfectant would protect against the spread of disease without causing harm to people utilizing shared facilities or equipment.

Silver dihydrogen citrate (SDC) is the active ingredient in PURE Hard Surface, and research indicates that this compound achieves both goals. It has the EPA’s lowest toxicity rating and is more effective than harsher cleaning products with active ingredients as bleach, quats, alcohol, phenols or hydrogen peroxide.

EPA testing concluded that PURE can kill viruses such as swine flu in one to 10 minutes following application. Testing also concluded that PURE could kill bugs such as MRSA or VRE in just two minutes.

SDC products are more effective and longer lasting than traditional products, offering up to 24 hours of protection against the spread of germs and disease. This low-toxicity alternative also begins working in about 30 seconds, giving you near instant protection.

Because it is safe for use around pets and people, PURE Hard Surface is ideal for offices, schools, daycare operations, hospitals, and assisted living. It is effective for up to 24 hours after applications and works about 20 times faster than comparable products. It uses no dyes or odors, and it isn’t flammable. It is better for the environment than any alternative, and is currently patented worldwide.

This healthcare breakthrough could be the key to stopping the spread of super bugs and health outbreaks that concern us all.

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