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Kill germs on keyboards, desks and chairs to protect yourself from germs in the workplace. 12 Quarts.


PURE Informational Video

When working in a close environment such as an office, high tough surfaces need to be disinfected regularly to stop the spread of germs such as Norovirus and Influenza A. Protect your keyboard, desk, telephone, equipment table, lab benches with this high efficacy and low toxicity product with 30 second bacterial and viral kill times. Get 24-hour residual protection too! Learn more with this informational sheet and Animated Video-PURE for Healthcare, Animated Video-PURE Disinfectant Revolutionary Technology.

Don’t run low on this germ fighter, order a 12 Pack Quart Ready-to-Use Bottles.

Refer to label for list of organisms and kill times. Disinfectant, germ spray, non-toxic disinfectant

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PURE Hard Surface kills the organisms listed on this informational sheet.

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