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INTRODUCTORY OFFER PURE for home. (6) 3 oz./ (3) Qt

PURE is the ideal home disinfectant for all high touch surfaces; pet bowls and litter boxes! Safe Family Seal of Approval. Six 3 oz. spray bottles and three Quart bottles. See Full Line.

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PURE Informational Video

Moms Love Us…Germs Hate Us! Protect your family and pets with ongoing surface protection for up to 24 hours*. Germs are on high touch things around the house such as kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, toys, pacifiers, play tables, jungle gyms, playhouses,baby furniture,child car seats(hard surfaces only),booster chairs,stroller handles, cribs, playpens, activity centers, diaper pails, diaper changing tables, potty training seats, laundry hampers, bathroom counters, kitchen counters…oh my! PURE Hard Surface Disinfectant has No Caution on the label, with the EPA lowest toxicity: Category IV. Bleach, Lysol All Purpose and Lysol Spray have Danger, Warning and Caution labels respectively.

Learn more with this informational sheet and Animated Video-PURE for Healthcare, Animated Video-PURE Disinfectant Revolutionary Technology.

Six 3 oz. spray bottles for all the places your family goes and three Quart bottles for your home!

You do all of this without odor! Don’t forget the family animals-cat litter boxes, animal cages , animal carriers, pet bowls, kennels and stables.

Refer to product label.

PURE Hard Surface Flyer Download
Detailed Information on the organisms killed by PURE Hard Surface on Food Contact Surfaces and Non-Food Contact Surfaces.

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