Smart Drain DriFit 4″

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Smart Drain DriFit cartridge fits into any dry or dry mopped drain to eliminate sewer gases, odors, fruit flies and other pests from entering the facility.  Flaps allow water flow.

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Smart Drain DriFit takes minutes to install and is a fix for eliminating odor, gases & pest problems.  Designed with a silicone sleeve Smart Drain DriFit has a long service  time and can handle the high heat of dish sink drains.

The one way valve creates the seal to defend against pests and odors, but the interior flap is designed to allow water or enzymes to go down the drain without affecting the efficiency of the dry drain maintenance product.

• Eliminate odors, sewer gases, fruit flies, drain flies, insects and rodents.
• One-way valve eliminates odors while keeping drain fully functional.
• As water passes through the cartridge a flap opens on bottom of the cartridge .
• When water stops going down the drain the silicone flap closes, sealing off any odor/gases, drain flies, other pests.
• Install in the floor drain pipe in minutes
• Long lasting silicone material, safe for dish drains.
• Available in 2”, 3”, 3.5” and 4” diameters.

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