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SmartAir CB-100


Programmable. Portable. Residential.

Scent up to 1,000 ft2 with a 10 foot ceiling height.

Clearly Better Scents has just the right scenting machine for your home, office, lobby or other large space.

Set the mood for your family, employees, customers and guests with scents for every situation.

Create memories that build a sense of community and pleasant memories | Build brand identity | Eliminate odors from pets, smoke, food or musty areas of your home, vacation property or business | Select from a wide range of scents delivered in bottles designed for plug & play scent machine installation

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The SmartAir CB-100 is a programmable and portable, residential grade scent machine (scent diffuser) that will scent up to 1,000 ft2 with a 10 foot ceiling height. Revolutionary scents delivered with the Clearly Better Scents diffusers enhance the space with calming, stimulating and pleasant sensory experiences. Select from a wide selection of scents for every mood or situation. This machine is easily programmable for every day use and has 10 adjustable fragrance strength settings. 110 Electric. 150ml bottle capacity . Available in Black only.

Marketing programs built with Clearly Better Scents™ are designed to arouse the desired beneficial feeling and memory you want in your space-relaxation, stimulation or comfort.

For larger spaces, check out the CB250 which connects through HVAC system, as well as portable. HVAC Systems are ideal for Business, Home, Hospitality, Travel, Entertainment, Healthcare, Retail, Gaming, Property Management


FAQ’s/Important Information:

Some scents are stronger than others which may affect the performance of your scent machine as well as any odors in your space you are wanting to scent.

The scent machine comes preprogrammed to turn ON at 7:00am and turn OFF at 9:00pm every day. You can change the program to have the scent machine come ON and OFF up to 3 different times a day.

The scent machine clock is set in military time.

When filling the bottle inside of the scent machine, make sure you fill the bottle up about 85%. If you fill the scent bottle to the very top of the bottle, the scent machine will make a gurgling noise and will not disburse the scent.

After filling your scent bottle, make sure that the unit is flush with the lip of the reinserted difusser housing and bottle, See picture.

Sometimes if the scent machine is running but not spraying, the hose located in the scent bottle could be clogged but this happens very seldom. Try running rubbing alcohol through the scent machine. Or you can purchase a replacement diffuser straw for the bottle.

When changing from one scent to another scent, you need to wash the scent bottle out with rubbing alcohol.

Keep all bottles of scent out of reach from children.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 4 in

Transform your home into a resort

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